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"Branded" ALL MAVEN's podcast

Mar 1, 2020

Question: What’s Bacon got to do with ALL MAVEN?
Answer: Bacon is proof that God loves us!

In this episode, you’ll get to know ALL MAVEN’s CEO and branding maven Alexandra Renee-Polestra (THE MAVEN), and her partner and COO Joseph Poelstra, the Executioner.

Where did the name ALL MAVEN come from?

A name in its self is worth a lot of money. Which would you rather have to help you? A connoisseur or an expert?

As nouns, the difference between a connoisseur and an expert is that a connoisseur is a specialist of a given field whose opinion is valued; especially in one of the fine arts, or in a matter of taste while an expert is a person with extensive knowledge or ability in a given subject.

THE MAVEN (Alex) is a connoisseur. Her birthstone is alexandrite for the month of June.

What is branding?

Branding encompasses a feeling, an emotional connection, and a message. Branding is what you believe, how you believe, and how you execute that belief. Your brand is a belief system. 

Where is ALL MAVEN going in the near future?

We’re constantly clarifying our brand message. Having a great team as we have has helped solidify our brand and message.

And finally from Alex

If you’re considering doing branding and you’re not going to be hiring a professional branding company, do your research. Understand that it’s more than just design. Anyone can make a  professional design. There are lots of free tools out there that can help you do that. But think about and ask yourself:

  • What is the underlying belief system of my company?
  • What is my core message? What is my Why? (see Simon Sinek, Start With Why).
  • Understand that your brand message is not tied to your product. It’s not tied to your service. If you have the same brand, it doesn’t matter what your product or service is. 
  • So… what is it you really want people to feel and understand about your company?


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