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"Branded" ALL MAVEN's podcast

Jun 17, 2020

Notable Quotes, Questions, and a Book

The "Accidental" Millionaire: Leaping From Chance To Mastery In the Game of Life, by Stephanie Frank.

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“When you come from who you really are - your values, and then align with what will make you truly happy - the vision part of it... I think of values and vision as the bookends of how you operate your business. Your values. Who you are. Your vision. What will make you happy out there in the future? When those two things are set up, then it’s all the work in between…” ~ Mary Cravets

“What do you have control over?” ~ Mary Cravets

“We rarely get the whole picture of client generation. Instead. We’re doing desperate activities that never quite link together. So how do you make sure that every element from your values to your vision to your pricing in alignment? Your values. Your vision. Your pricing. Your understanding of your ideal client and where they gather. Their messaging. How do they talk about the problem you solve? How do you get their attention by using the words they’re saying to themselves? How do you have a sales conversation where you can charge what you’re worth. How do you manage your time? Those are all the elements of client generation.” ~ Mary Cravets

“On speaking, it’s important to understand that speaking is not speaking, is not speaking, is not speaking. You have to understand what your strategy is behind it.” ~ Mary Cravets

“Question: What’s better, you winning or your clients winning? Answer: They’re tied for first.” ~ Mary Cravets

“The fastest path to failure is conformity.” ~ Brian Bethany

“Sometimes your voice is the only voice people can hear.” ~ Les Brown

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