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Sep 1, 2020

A Strategic Book Coach Meets a Recovering Magazine Editor at the Podcast Cafe

Honoree Corder is a Strategic Book Coach, a self-publishing expert, and the author of 53 books that have sold 4 million copies!  She also calls herself a co-creator: “I work with professionals and entrepreneurs to help them write, publish, and monetize their books.” For the purposes of this conversation, refer to her title, You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get ... 

Dave Herndon is a recovering magazine editor and newspaper person, which makes him one of a legion of former print journalists who are trying to find a Plan B (C, D...)  since the publishing industry has cratered and jobs have disappeared. He’s now a wordsmith for hire (editing and writing) and a podcasting apprentice. To learn where he’s coming from, check out

Dave asked the questions, Honoree did most of the talking, and John chimed in with insights about how podcasting fits into the communications and branding ecosystems.

Key talking points include

Honoree: Self-published books can’t be amateurish. You need to have them edited, designed, and proofed professionally. Her indie team is full of pros with backgrounds in traditional publishing. “You can actually hire really great people who are making a fair living because you're paying them directly.”

Honoree: Self-publishing can be more rewarding than traditional publishing. “I can create a book that is every bit as good and I get to do all of the other things that I want to do with the book. I get to have quality control. I get to have content control. I get to have timing control. I get to have creative control. I get to keep all the cash.”

Honoree: Carpe diem! “Write it, write it, write it. You have more time than you've ever had and may ever have. Again, we don't know when this is going to be over and you might have to go back to work. … You can't predict the future, but you can sit down and write.”

Honoree: Podcasts are great publicity. “As a podcast guest, I have done about 500 podcast interviews. And when someone signs up for my newsletter, one of my questions is how'd you find me? And it's always through someone recommending, or they heard me on a podcast.”

John agrees with her: “Your podcast is your advertisement. … It's just great, quote-unquote, advertising.”

John: Podcasts are still the land of opportunity. “Last count [there were] … about 900,000 podcasts …Only about 250 to 300,000 are actually active….So when you compare basically podcasting to any form of media, it's just wide open still.'s certainly less than $500 a year, depending on how much you really want to get into it.”

Honoree recommends these writers’ podcasts for tips and technique: Kelton Reid – The Writer Files and Six Figure Authors.

Hear her solo interview with John, about Why You Must Write a Book: ALL MAVEN's Branded podcast: 008 Honorée Corder: Why you ...

You can hear John’s interview with Dave about writing and storytelling on episode 6 of What Has My Attention

Program notes by Dave Herndon.

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