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"Branded" ALL MAVEN's podcast

Oct 28, 2020

Honoree Corder is a wildly prolific author who has sold over 4 million copies of her books on Amazon. What’s more, she offers an online “Publishing Ph.D.” course to aspiring authors that walks them through the entire process of conceiving, composing, marketing, and selling their books. 

One of the things she tells her clients is that producing a podcast is an effective way to enhance their reach and boost sales of their books. This is where our amiable host, John Biethan, comes in. He’s just as much a proselyte for podcasting as Honoree is for self-publishing. Or, as Honoree puts it, “You’re the me of podcasting.” Got it? Good.

In the ensuing conversation, Honoree explains why self-publishing makes a lot of sense in today’s marketplace, where traditional publishers are stingy with resources and expenditures for all but blockbuster authors. 

But there’s money to be made and authority to be gained by going the independent route. The book - and the podcast that grows out of it - can elevate an author’s profile and create beaucoup opportunities in their fields of expertise.

“Putting an investment in their book is an asset in their business,” she says. 

Marketing considerations aside, Honoree says that many of her clients simply have the time now to write the book they’ve always wanted to write, now that we’re all a bunch of socially-distanced homebodies. “There's less to go and do, so there's more time to sit and write,” she says. “They’re kind of like, I'm ready to write that book and I want to publish it.  And now I understand I have a line of sight.” 

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